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The Top Reasons Car Wash Owners Are Converting To Conveyor Belt Systems

The Top Reasons Car Wash Owners Are Converting To Conveyor Belt Systems

Belt conveyors are the future for the car wash industry. You are either one of the people who is excited about that or you want to fight it. There seems to be no middle ground in this argument.  

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The Self-Service Car Wash Owner Pricing Conundrum

Self Service Car Wash

I'm getting the calls again…………………"How in the hell can you raise the price of your soap!?""Your prices have become ridiculous; I'm going somewhere else!?""You ^&*(%$#>!, you're &*^%$ing me!"

Yes, we are in inflationary times again, …. Hello! … anyone remember 2008!It's been a long, long time but now we're here again.

I always ask the customers when I get these calls to name one thing that hasn't gone up in the last six months? ……. Crickets………, The last 12 months? …… Cicadas………. How about the last two years?Deafening silence.

I remind them that the last 12 years have been stable for most car wash products in the market. In fact, the only two major things that went up substantially in the last dozen or so years has been the price of water and electricity.

"Well, I don't know what I can do about it." Most of them say to me. My response – "Raise your prices too."

That's the dilemma, the conundrum, the proverbial Gordian Knot of the self-service owner but let's take a good look at this "self-imposed" dilemma. 

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Post Pandemic Invest In Express Tunnel Technology

Money sign drawn in soap suds

The country is slowly opening up and while it is not quite a post-pandemic world, we are starting to make important decisions for our families and businesses. Getting back to a new normal is necessary in the healing process and as our world finds ways to cope with the transition, it is of paramount importance that we evolve with our future business models. Needless to say, automation and minimal contact transactions are more appealing and provide customer peace of mind. 

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The Modern-Day Car Wash - Steel vs. Stainless Steel

The Modern Day Car Wash

When people go through a modern-day car wash, they want two things, one - a clean, dry car and two - a safe experience without scratching or damaging their vehicle in any way. All of the other bells and whistles are nice, but not as important as the safety features. Quality products and excellent customer service is also expected with every wash package. Car wash systems have come a long way and the technology and materials continue to evolve to provide the ultimate wash experience.

To understand why car washes, use different metals and materials and their importance, this blog will explore the different characteristics of steel and stainless steel and its relevance to the car wash industry, as well as the newest and greatest technology in car wash systems. 

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Tips To Find The Best Car Wash Conveyor Belts For Your Operation

Car Wash Belt Conveyors

The car wash industry is booming. Auto-related industries, as a whole, have seen a major uptick. With the advent of new technology and processes, more and more car wash facilities are finding themselves racing in a fast-paced, growing car wash climate, with the goal now being to generate repeat business in a competitive car care market. Convenient, clean and efficient car washes are what the modern customer expects. Locations that uphold these high standards will see more business, which will result in higher profitability and customer satisfaction.

Updating car wash locations can be tricky in this day and age of multiple sizes and shapes of vehicles. In this blog, we will break down what the modern conveyor belts can offer car wash businesses and their unique advantages. These new and advanced conveyor belt systems have evolved over time and are making the car wash industry better as well as improving the overall customer experience. 

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Convenience Stores Profit From Boosting Car Wash Business


In today's hustle and bustle, consumers will frequently visit a convenience store to buy gas and an occasional drink or snack, but this sometimes does not bring in enough revenue. Many convenience store chains are looking for ways to bring in something new and different to generate more business. What about adding a car wash? You might say that is an expensive investment, with not much return. But what if you could add a car wash to your existing real estate and start turning a profit immediately? Adding a car wash can add exponential value to your current convenience store business. Let's explore the evolution of the car wash and what technological advancements make the new car wash systems such a good investment.

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ModBrite Tunnel System - COVID Friendly and A Good Investment

ModBrite Tunnel System - COVID Friendly and A Good Investment

Mental Health Benefits 

In today's world of sanitizing and over the top cleaning EVERYTHING, it is just as important to have a clean car. We agonize over cleanliness and now with the pandemic, keeping all surfaces disinfected will help our physical as well as our mental health.

There are many reasons to keep your vehicle clean, but some of the most important is that it boosts the resale value, prevents corrosion and protects the paint and finish of your car. But did you know that washing your car on a regular basis can also help your mental state? Studies have proven that tidy spaces, whether it be your home, office or car, will help to relieve stress, boost performance and help you feel happier and more energetic.
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The Price Myth - Comparing the True Costs of Car Wash Conveyor Options


When we decided to take on the challenge of supplying the U.S. market with a belt conveyor alternative two years ago, we knew from the get-go that head-to-head price comparisons were going to be a challenging issue to overcome. At the time, we only offered our dual-belt conveyor in a stainless steel model, which only exacerbated the issue in what has long been a price sensitive market, despite the exceptional durability boost and longevity that comes with stainless steel equipment. Our discussions that year with owners and operators highlighted that decision-makers struggled to justify the benefits of belt conveyors against their higher costs. 

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Looking for an investment business with superior ROI? Look no further, the ModBrite Conveyor Car Wash Tunnel is here!


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average annual revenue of a tunnel or conveyor cash wash is $690,000! This makes them great options for investors. And even better, the all new ModBrite™ by AutoBrite™ has the best ROI in the business – so you are sure to soak up the profits.

If you're an investor or business owner looking for a lucrative investment opportunity then you know that higher annual revenues when compared to other car wash systems doesn't always mean faster or guaranteed ROI. So why invest in the car wash industry? And why look at the ModBrite tunnel and conveyor car wash systems from AutoBrite? 

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