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ModBrite Tunnel System - COVID Friendly and A Good Investment

ModBrite Tunnel System - COVID Friendly and A Good Investment

Mental Health Benefits 

In today's world of sanitizing and over the top cleaning EVERYTHING, it is just as important to have a clean car. We agonize over cleanliness and now with the pandemic, keeping all surfaces disinfected will help our physical as well as our mental health.

There are many reasons to keep your vehicle clean, but some of the most important is that it boosts the resale value, prevents corrosion and protects the paint and finish of your car. But did you know that washing your car on a regular basis can also help your mental state? Studies have proven that tidy spaces, whether it be your home, office or car, will help to relieve stress, boost performance and help you feel happier and more energetic.
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The Price Myth - Comparing the True Costs of Car Wash Conveyor Options


When we decided to take on the challenge of supplying the U.S. market with a belt conveyor alternative two years ago, we knew from the get-go that head-to-head price comparisons were going to be a challenging issue to overcome. At the time, we only offered our dual-belt conveyor in a stainless steel model, which only exacerbated the issue in what has long been a price sensitive market, despite the exceptional durability boost and longevity that comes with stainless steel equipment. Our discussions that year with owners and operators highlighted that decision-makers struggled to justify the benefits of belt conveyors against their higher costs. 

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