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For car wash owners, AutoBrite™ offers every solution you need from equipment, to chemicals, to parts and servicing.

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ModBrite™ Mini Express Tunnel

ModBrite™ Mini Express Tunnel fits Almost Anywhere & Saves Money

The ModBrite™ mini express tunnel is the best small footprint car wash system for all your car wash needs. The simple, modular design can be built as a free-standing structure or it can be fitted inside a pre-existing in-bay automatic or self-service car wash. The ModBrite™ provides 42+ cars per hour throughput, delivering four times the output compared to older In-Bay Automatics.

With sizes ranging from 40 feet and up, the ModBrite™ mini tunnel can fit anywhere to best suit your car wash location. The modular structure is less than 14 feet wide and 12 feet tall, with lengths starting at 40 feet long and increasing by 5-foot increments. Our mini tunnels go up to 65 feet, and short tunnels go up to 100 feet.

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