Wash More Cars Per Hour

Wash More Cars Per Hour

Successfully running an auto dealership is a full-time job. At AutoBrite Company, we understand that your ancillary services need to perform at top value, while providing one less problem during your challenging day. We have the solutions you need!

Auto Dealership Solutions

Whether you are washing low-profile sports cars or dually pick-up trucks, our in-bay automatic and conveyor systems work for all. Constructed entirely of stainless steel, our conveyor models have no chains and no rollers, eliminating the possibility of damage to wheels and trim.

Our systems – including our ModBrite and TriBrite conveyors – are easily retrofitted to existing in-bay automatic spaces. Depending on a variety of factors, including length of tunnel, a rough estimate of how many cars you can roll through per hour comes to 70. Our in-bay automatic systems, including the TouchBrite, can throughout roughly 50 cars per hour.

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