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Belt Conveyors Deliver Profits & Customer Satisfaction

Our Belts Work With All Car Wash Equipment Brands

Whether you have Sonny, Motor City, ADW or other equipment, the AutoBrite™ conveyor belt system will work. Our belts are simple to install, simple to operate, simple to maintain and simple for customers to use. That means minimal construction, and faster conversion of an IBA or operation of a new tunnel.

Benefits Include:

  • More Cars per hour/ More vehicle types
  • Easy to operate/ Fewer employees
  • Quick and simple installation/ Less downtime
  • Easy to maintain/ Debris-free belt technology
  • Floor mounted vs wall mounted for safety and stability
  • First-class amazing customer experience

Conveyor Belt Installation

Improve Customer Experience, Safety & Profits

The AutoBrite™ Dual Belt Conveyor System gives your car wash customers a first-class experience on a belt built to last and save you money on labor and maintenance costs. Our advanced technology conveyor belts are the modular solution to improve your car wash lines. Each dual belt conveyor system is customized to meet your exact system location needs. 

They can be installed on new construction with one of modular tunnels or integrate with other popular OEM car wash equipment. AutoBrite™’s dual belt conveyor system can even be installed at an existing location to modernize an older location. The bottom line is that we keep your car wash line running faster and safer with our conveyor belt systems. 

  • Constant Spacing for Bater Load Times
  • Reduced Maintenance, Downtime & Damage 
  • Smooth, Comfortable & Safe Customer Experience
  • Easy Installation, Solid Construction & Proprietary Materials

Built to Last

The Dual Belt Conveyor design is simple with two motors, two gear boxes, two sensors, and two variable frequency drives placed on the outer sides of the belt. This allows for a backup operating system and lets you wash low profile as well as wider vehicles. The belt system sits securely on the ground to prevent collapse. 

Our long-lasting belt is made from 403 stainless steel, so it is built to withstand the harsh water and chemicals in a car wash. The center of the vehicle sits on a stainless-steel beam, and the wear plates are also made of stainless steel which can be replaced as needed at a local fabrication shop. The pins holding the belt together are made of polyoxymethylene, so there is no metal inside the system that will wear down.

The dual belt conveyor system is easily bolted together without needing a welder, so it can be installed with tools a car wash already has on hand. The easy installation cuts down on construction expenses.

Minimize Downtime & Increase ROI with Our Belt Conveyors