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Invest in a Car Wash

Now is the Time to Invest Through AutoBrite™

For those looking to invest into property, a car wash is a great option to increase your return on investment and make profits. Here at AutoBrite™, we can help get you started on your investing journey.

The car wash industry is a money-maker. The International Car Wash Association found car wash retail sales reached approximately $15 billion in North America. More people are spending money to wash and detail their cars to keep them looking good and lasting for longer amounts of time.

Small businesses also make up the bulk of the car wash industry. Car washes with four or fewer locations make up about 70% of the industry, and the number of car washes is growing.

Automatic car washes make up most of the revenue, but self service car washes still make profits, according to the Census Bureau.

Now is the perfect time for investors to look into investing into the car wash industry. AutoBrite™ is here to help you get started and assist you along the way.

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