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Convenience Stores Profit From Boosting Car Wash Business


In today's hustle and bustle, consumers will frequently visit a convenience store to buy gas and an occasional drink or snack, but this sometimes does not bring in enough revenue. Many convenience store chains are looking for ways to bring in something new and different to generate more business. What about adding a car wash? You might say that is an expensive investment, with not much return. But what if you could add a car wash to your existing real estate and start turning a profit immediately? Adding a car wash can add exponential value to your current convenience store business. Let's explore the evolution of the car wash and what technological advancements make the new car wash systems such a good investment.

 Evolution of the Car Wash

 We've come a long way baby! Over the last one hundred years, the car wash industry has seen some major changes. As we move to fully automated systems, we take a look back to reminisce and see how far we've come. Back in 1914, in Detroit, Michigan, the "automated laundry" was born. Cars were pushed manually through a tunnel and workers soaped, washed and dried cars one at a time in an assembly line fashion. This evolved to the conveyor style wash and eventually led to the first semi-automatic car washing system that included a conveyor belt for moving vehicles through the wash, an overhead sprinkler for washing and a 50-horse power air blower for drying the cars. Throughout the 50's and 60's, the technology continued to advance introducing other inventions such as recirculating water systems, soft cloth friction washing, and wraparound brushes. These advancements have evolved to meet the needs of different customers and price points.

How Does Adding A Car Wash Help You? 

Now that the trend for fully automated systems in the car wash industry has grown, there are more and more convenience store owners investing in smaller, more efficient conveyor tunnel systems that can be installed virtually anywhere. "Car wash suppliers say that while In-Bay Automatic (IBA) systems can move up to 12 cars an hour, a mini tunnel conveyor system can move 75 cars in the same timeframe.

"Convenience stores are taking to the car wash business like a duck to water," stated Lawrence Stovall, President AutoBrite Company, San Antonio, Texas. "In addition to help generate profits in incremental sales of fuel and other merchandise, the convenience store owners have been amazed at ease in managing the automated conveyor tunnel systems. These new, unmanned, fully automated mini-tunnels are ideal for convenience store locations running 24/7 operations."

These accolades for the express high-volume car wash systems are resonating with convenience store owners across the nation.According to the NFIB, National Federation of Independent Business, 90% of car washes are owned by small business owners and they are seeing a continual spike in numbers going forward in to 2021. 

AutoBrite and your C-Store - A Perfect Marriage 

AutoBrite is an industry leader with the newest technology in car washing solutions. The introduction of ModBrite, an express tunnel conveyor system has changed the face of the modern-day car wash and will forever be a game changer for many convenience store owners. Available in many lengths, the ModBrite can be installed or retrofitted into existing space. They are constructed of high-quality stainless steel, requiring little to no maintenance. With the ongoing demand for express, contactless service, the ModBrite high volume conveyor wash system checks off all of the boxes. Quick and reliable service is the mantra for most c-store chains and the ModBrite customizable conveyor car wash system fits right in with that mentality.  

The Time Is Now 

Lastly, did you know that consumers spend over $5.8 billion dollars at car wash businesses every year? That equates to about 8 million vehicles being washed on a daily basis.People love to wash their cars and trucks, but need an easy and convenient solution, so it is time to "strike while the iron is hot" and consider investing in your future with an AutoBrite ModBrite express tunnel conveyor system. The decision is easy - superior quality washes and state-of-the-art, durable, maintenance free equipment - ModBrite will take your c-store into the future.

Our shining solution experts will guide you through the process and help you create the car wash system that best fits your space and requirements. What are you waiting for? Contact AutoBrite today! Let's shine into the future together! 

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Friday, 09 June 2023