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Tips To Find The Best Car Wash Conveyor Belts For Your Operation

Car Wash Belt Conveyors

The car wash industry is booming. Auto-related industries, as a whole, have seen a major uptick. With the advent of new technology and processes, more and more car wash facilities are finding themselves racing in a fast-paced, growing car wash climate, with the goal now being to generate repeat business in a competitive car care market. Convenient, clean and efficient car washes are what the modern customer expects. Locations that uphold these high standards will see more business, which will result in higher profitability and customer satisfaction.

Updating car wash locations can be tricky in this day and age of multiple sizes and shapes of vehicles. In this blog, we will break down what the modern conveyor belts can offer car wash businesses and their unique advantages. These new and advanced conveyor belt systems have evolved over time and are making the car wash industry better as well as improving the overall customer experience. 

Continuous Improvements

Today's belted conveyor systems are continuously improving. The product design and engineering of the belts have evolved into faster, more efficient systems allowing for more car volume and less maintenance.Lawrence Stovall, owner of AutoBrite Co., agrees that the newer conveyor designs and belt material has improved over the old technology. New polymer materials have improved the longevity of the belt life.In addition, the belt conveyor's internal cleaning system helps lubricate and keep belts free of debris while operating.

Stovall further states that depth and width flexibility are other advances with the newer belted conveyors. Modern conveyor options are highly customizable, giving the operator different belt widths to better accommodate modern vehicles and market demands.

New belt conveyor designs allow systems to accept cars faster than traditional equipment. Faster load time for more vehicles means more money. This improvement has changed the face of present day operators. Stovall also says, "understanding consumer behaviors and market demands, have allowed operators to customize their wash solutions to best fit their needs.

Park Conveyor Belt 

There are many advantages to this car wash system, but the one stand out is that it allows wider wheel and power profile cars to move comfortably through while in park. "Ability to wash vehicles while they are stationary will be an important feature in the future," says Stovall. Without rails and cleats, also features of this belt system, employees can safely and freely move around the vehicle to prep and pre-wash. Stovall has seen many low-profile, high performance vehicles such as Lamborghinis, Maseratis and Porsches loaded onto the belts, as well as, different models of dually pickup trucks and various service vehicles with wider wheel bases. The different size belts make loading customers easier and can accommodate the unique vehicle categories.

Neutral Conveyor Belt 

With this 24" wide neutral transfer belt configuration, wheels and tires are more safe along with easier loading and roll off. The other benefit is this belt allows for more washes per hour and requires less space. This improves efficiency and productivity, a win-win scenario for car wash owners.

  • Increases productivity with more washes per hour in less space
  • Standard 24" wide belt
  • Neutral transfer belt makes loading customers easy
  • Wide belt makes it safe for wheels and tires
  • Roll off is easy and comfortable for your customers 

Retrofit Conveyor Belt 

Aftermarket modifications have long since been questionable for their durability and efficiency.

Many car wash owners are looking at this retrofit option when introducing new technology to their business. Since these belt systems can easily fit into the pit of an existing over and under belt conveyor, they are destined to be a popular choice.

The many other benefits to the retrofit system are:

  • Standard 16" wide belt
  • Operates like a traditional conveyor, provides more space for tires and eliminates wheel scratches from rails
  • Allows for more types of vehicles and gives your customers a smooth and enjoyable car wash experience.

Low Profile Belts 

Another popular choice trending for entry into the advanced belt conveyor technology is the 8-inch low profile dual belt system. Stovall stated that AutoBrite's unique lower profile design can be mounted on a paved or concrete surface in coordination with any ramp up and out system. "Not needing a deep trench literally makes this car wash belt system movable should it ever need to be relocated," Stovall added. These low profile belt conveyors are available in both the park and neutral vehicle types of belts.

Now that we have explored the many conveyor belt options, AutoBrite is dedicated to helping you find the best car wash solution for your business. AutoBrite is field tested with a proven track record around the world. Our car wash systems will increase your productivity and with our customized options, you can meet the needs of your unique clientele. We want to help you minimize downtime, maintenance and safety hazards. Whether you choose the park, neutral or retrofit conveyor belt, our goal is to help increase your productivity and profitability. Let our knowledgeable professionals guide you to the best cleaning solution possible. Your future is bright with AutoBrite! Contact us today!
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