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For More Than 50 Years, We’ve Been Providing Innovative & Technologically Advanced Car Wash Systems with a Focus on ROI.

Traditionally, car wash system choices were limited to self-service and in-bay automatics with a choice of touch-free or friction washes. At AutoBrite, we’ve changed that up – and you’ll see the difference in your ROI by markedly quicker thru-put, more customer choices, superior quality washes and more durable and maintenance free equipment.

All of our equipment is fully stainless steel and comes with warranties to cover moving parts, belts and conveyors.

Whether you are looking at building a new express tunnel or in-bay automatic, converting an existing in-bay automatic into a conveyor tunnel or erecting a self-service stall, our easy to install, highly customizable car wash system solutions mean you’ll be seeing more growth and customer satisfaction than ever before.

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Our conveyor/tunnel car wash systems are simple to install, have a high thru-put, are highly customizable and can be easily retrofitted into existing systems or built new. Give your customers a reason to come back with a superior experience.

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In-Bay Automatic

Customers receive a budget-friendly, high-quality wash with options while you see a superior ROI, high thru-put and return business with our fast build and start up in-bay automatics. Easily customizable for your new builds or retrofits.

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Give your customers and employees an option that provides a superior self-serve car wash with less work. You’ll see a dramatic increase in thru-put, while your customers spend less time with better results.

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