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ModBrite: Designed to be The Best Mini- Express Tunnel
Since 1963

Shining Solutions To Increase Your Revenue

AutoBrite™ Company is driven to help our customers succeed. Whether you need advanced technology mini-express tunnels, belt conveying systems, car wash equipment, car wash bulk chemicals or automotive detailing products, AutoBrite™ offers shining solutions that deliver on quality and profitability.

Browse our website for information and videos on car wash equipment and chemical trends that can help take your business to the next level. Our team of car wash experts are help with any upcoming projects, installations, chemical or details needs. Contact us today!

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From mini-express tunnel car washes to belt conveying systems, AutoBrite™ delivers innovative advanced car wash equipment solutions that will increase revenue.

Car Wash Equipment

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For over 50-years AutoBrite™ has developed and manufactured high quality car wash chemicals in the USA. They are compatible with all car wash systems.


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We carry a complete line of detailing chemicals, products and supplies including the most popular nationally recognized and AutoBrite™ house brands.

Auto Detailing

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The car wash industry has transformed over the past decade. We offer income producing solutions for C-stores, car wash owners, auto dealers & investors.

Industry Solutions


An In-Bay Conversion is as Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Keep Your Structure
2. Install ModBrite
3. Optimize Car Wash

Before In-Bay Conversion
After In-Bay Car Wash Conversion
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