Car Wash Belt Conveyors

At AutoBrite™, we are a leader in supplying shining solutions for your car wash goals. From our carwash systems to the world's most popular belt conveyor since 1995, we can help you roll in the profits.

AutoBrite Conveyor Advantages:

  • Field Tested With A Proven Track Record Around The World
  • Wash More Cars Per Hour
  • Wider Wheel & Lower Profile Cars
  • More Comfortable Customer Experience
  • Can Retrofit Existing Conveyors
  • Increased ROI!



park car wash belt conveyor

Park Belt Conveyors

Minimize downtime, maintenance & safety hazards

neutral car wash belt conveyor

Neutral Belt Conveyors

Increase productivity with more washes per hour in less space

retrofit car wash belt conveyor

Retrofit Belt Conveyors

Fit newer technology over existing over-and-under systems

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