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Post Pandemic Invest In Express Tunnel Technology

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The country is slowly opening up and while it is not quite a post-pandemic world, we are starting to make important decisions for our families and businesses. Getting back to a new normal is necessary in the healing process and as our world finds ways to cope with the transition, it is of paramount importance that we evolve with our future business models. Needless to say, automation and minimal contact transactions are more appealing and provide customer peace of mind. 

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The Price Myth - Comparing the True Costs of Car Wash Conveyor Options


When we decided to take on the challenge of supplying the U.S. market with a belt conveyor alternative two years ago, we knew from the get-go that head-to-head price comparisons were going to be a challenging issue to overcome. At the time, we only offered our dual-belt conveyor in a stainless steel model, which only exacerbated the issue in what has long been a price sensitive market, despite the exceptional durability boost and longevity that comes with stainless steel equipment. Our discussions that year with owners and operators highlighted that decision-makers struggled to justify the benefits of belt conveyors against their higher costs. 

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