Looking for an investment business with superior ROI? Look no further, the ModBrite Conveyor Car Wash Tunnel is here!


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the average annual revenue of a tunnel or conveyor cash wash is $690,000! This makes them great options for investors. And even better, the all new ModBrite™ by AutoBrite™ has the best ROI in the business – so you are sure to soak up the profits.

If you're an investor or business owner looking for a lucrative investment opportunity then you know that higher annual revenues when compared to other car wash systems doesn't always mean faster or guaranteed ROI. So why invest in the car wash industry? And why look at the ModBrite tunnel and conveyor car wash systems from AutoBrite? 

For one, the car wash industry can be a very profitable investment opportunity when done right. After investment and build out, there is generally relative autonomy. Even when we add self-service, automatic and other car wash systems into the equation and exclude tunnel and conveyor wash systems, we see that either the equipment itself performs the labor, or the customers do, thereby eliminating the need for excessive employees. Typically, only one or two employees are needed to run daily business operations, maintain equipment and clean a facility – even through the busiest times of the day.

Generally, car wash systems are straightforward to manage. Looking at things from an operations viewpoint, a car wash system is relatively easy to run efficiently and, in most cases, there are modest product inventories, low maintenance requirements, minimal personnel problems or issues and ordinarily cash flow (or in flow) as car wash systems commonly don't require accounts receivable and or personal checks. Also, once the investment and build out are complete and the business is running, car wash systems typically have a low operating cost. Fixed costs like bookkeeping, insurance and such are also usually reasonable. All this said, the potential for a high yield is there and when you add in a 24/7, four-season demand, car wash systems boast a high rate of return on investment.

Although running a car wash may take less oversight than other investment opportunities, it's worthy to note that the owner must be committed to being involved if they expect to turn a consistent profit. An absentee owner, like in any business, makes their business vulnerable. This is true for car wash companies as well, which can see untimely equipment breakdown, theft, burglary and vandalism if the owner is not there to steer the ship. At AutoBrite, we are happy to help you learn the best and most profitable way to set up and run your business. We are all about creating win-win situations for everyone involved.

Invest Right with ModBrite's Car Wash Systems from AutoBrite

Investing means taking a leap. And, justly, you want to land on sure footing by making more money with your investment than you could elsewhere. With ModBrite, our park conveyor car wash system, you'll be on track to do just that. ModBrite provides superior washes in less time, helping to improve customer experience and drive repeat business. Modbrite is the safest, unmanned option available. This system includes all the benefits found in an express tunnel, but in the space outline of an in-bay automatic wash system.

Modbrite systems are designed to need no rollers and no chains, thereby virtually eliminating the possibility of scratches posed by other equipment systems. This conveyor system is designed for unmanned operation and is therefore less labor intensive and requires less routine maintenance then other options. Constructed of stainless steel, this system is very customizable and is able to be into fit existing in-bay systems. Constructed with quality, the ModBrite's high throughput and superior wash and dry options will ensure that demand remains high. There are many benefits and advantages of choosing ModBrite, including:

• Dual Belt Parking Floor Conveyor
• Single Belt Retrofit Conveyor
• Dual Belt Neutral Floor Conveyor
• No Lubrication
• No Guide Rail Worries
• No Correlator
• Easy On, Easy Off
• Environmentally Friendly
• Easy to Maintain
• Highly Customizable
• 5-Year, 600,000 Vehicle Prorated Limited Belt Warranty
• Lifetime Warrantee on Stainless Steel Body
• 18-Month Warrantee on Components

Here at AutoBrite, we've been around awhile – in fact, since 1963. We consider ourselves a leader in the industry. So, if you're looking to invest, let's talk more about ModBrite's investment potential. From equipment, planning, revenue, overhead, profit and ROI, we have the stats and figures you need. We also offer other equipment lines, products and services.

Make sure to contact us at your convenience about all AutoBrite™ has to offer. 

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