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Clean your Wash to Rake in the Profits

Klean Wall Car Wash Cleaner Sale

Sometimes it is the simple things that help you really make money. Cleaning your wash is simple… it just takes time and effort.But I know it's worth it.

Years ago had the pleasure of meeting and learning from an older gentleman here in San Antonio that had become very rich buying, selling, and running car washes. He said it was so easy, he couldn't believe everyone did it. But if everyone did it, it wouldn't have made him so much money. He since moved on to commercial real estate because he wanted something more challenging.

He told me the secret was to clean up the wash. He would find a wash in the area that was underperforming and looked dirty and unloved. He would be the wash for cheap, run it for a couple years at a profit, and then sell it at a bigger profit. All he did was keep the wash clean and working and watched the number of people cleaning cars go way up. Once it was making a good profit he would sell it and buy another one. So simple.

Look at all the washes in your area. Are you the cleanest in the area? Are you just normal? Or is your wash one of those that looks horrible?

New year, new you, and new wash. Make this the best year ever for your wash. Make it clean. Unfortunately, this isn't a once and done thing. My mentor spent time everyday at the wash he bought to turn it around and keep it clean. He also had to do it for a couple years until the wash was really profitable. It takes time and persistence.

A great way to jump start your cleaning is to use Klean-Wall to clean the walls in your car wash. Klean-Wall is scientifically formulated to clean tunnel and self serve car wash walls with no scrubbing.Simply spray on the wall and rinse it off with high-pressure water.

This stuff makes cleaning bay walls easy.

Normally it is $100 for 5-gallons but right now we have it on sale for 25% off until the January 31, 2021.

It takes almost 5 gallons to do one self serve bay or about a 75-foot section of a tunnel wall.

Contact us at AutoBrite Company and get some today.

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Tuesday, 26 September 2023