Save Time & Money

Save Time & Money

Give your hand wash customers and employees a boost with AutoBrite’s PrepBrite Prep Washer. This handy and budget-friendly car wash option saves time and money by cutting your time in half and labor by one-third. Available in Texas size for those crew car dually pickup trucks and regular size, this wash applies a rinse and foam to get the washing process started. Whether your car wash lets customers do their own hand washing or you employ staff to wash and detail, the PrepBrite system moves cars through the bays at more than twice the speed of traditional hand wash bays.

PrepBrite Self-Service Pre-Washer

With AutoBrite’s PrepBrite Prep Washer, you’ll see your ROI increase dramatically as more vehicles are able to move through your system. Customers will appreciate spending less time to achieve the same results, meaning repeat business.

The PrepBrite Features:

  • Size Options That Fit Small to Large Vehicles
  • Simple, Fast Build & Start Up
  • Stand Alone Systems Available
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Energy Efficient
  • Financial Savings on Chemicals and Labor

Give your hand wash customers and employees options for quicker solutions. Ideal solution for locations that have high-volume car wash traffic, locations that want high-volume car wash traffic and auto dealers. Investing opportunities are available.

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