Re-Invest in your Car Wash to Make it Grow

Re-Invest in your Car Wash to Make it Grow

You need to look towards the future. If you do not, the new giant express washes and investment groups will take a large part of your business.

Everyone likes shiny new things. It is how the car industry survives and why your wash can be profitable. The drive for shiny new things leads your customers to your wash, or to the new washes around the corner. Your car wash customers are drawn to new and shiny things.

As your wash ages, making it new and shiny takes time, money (cash flow), and manpower. In your business, like all businesses, you are chasing two out of three all the time. We generally have one in abundance compared to the others. 

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Clean your Wash to Rake in the Profits

Klean Wall Car Wash Cleaner Sale

Sometimes it is the simple things that help you really make money. Cleaning your wash is simple… it just takes time and effort.But I know it's worth it.

Years ago had the pleasure of meeting and learning from an older gentleman here in San Antonio that had become very rich buying, selling, and running car washes. He said it was so easy, he couldn't believe everyone did it. But if everyone did it, it wouldn't have made him so much money. He since moved on to commercial real estate because he wanted something more challenging.

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