AutoBrite™ In The News - "PC&D Unscripted: Belt Conveyor Market Update"

Belt Conveyor Market Update

The emergence of conveyors in the car washing industry has evolved over the past five years. The days of chains and pulleys are over due to technology advances and better customer experience expectations.

The next five years will be even more of a convergence of conveyors. Lawrence Stovall, President, AutoBrite™ was recently interviewed by Rich DiPalo, author and Associate Publisher at Car Wash & Detail Magazine regarding the history and future trends in car wash conveying. 

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AutoBrite™ In The News - “Adapting To Price Increases”

Professional Car Wash & Detail Magazine released today their April 2022 issue to include an article written by Lawrence Stovall, President AutoBrite™ Company. The story is titled, "Adapting To Price Increases" talks about the causes, concerns and customer service during these times of supply chain issues and rising costs caused by the pandemic and world affairs. The story reflects the necessity to work together by enhancing existing relationships or developing strategic partnerships during these unusual times. 

The full story can be read on the publication's website:

For any questions about the article, contact AutoBrite™.

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AutoBrite In The News - “Making The Belt Conveyor Change"

Professional Car Wash & Detailing Magazine minced no words in their published article, "Making The Belt Conveyor Change." Modern technologically advanced belt conveyors are not anything like their old school predecessors. Today's belt conveyors are allow for faster load times thereby increasing revenue, have wider belts to accommodate more vehicle types and less moving parts that minimize downtime and maintenance as well as increase safety. 

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Read This if You Want to Buy a Self-Service Car Wash

Black car in a car wash

In the self-service car wash world, the "Old Guard" is changing to the next generation of self-service owner/operators. The next generation, while eager to enter the business, sometimes find themselves frustrated and angry because it's just not as easy and profitable as they thought. They look at cash flows and CAP rates, but don't really realize the labor and dedication the previous owner put in to achieve those goals. If you are thinking about getting into the self-service car wash business, this blog is written to give you The Good, The Bad and The Ugly surrounding this industry. But let's do it in reverse order. 

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