Car Washing Chemicals

Car Washing Chemicals

At AutoBrite Company, we pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious. As part of that initiative, we recycle plastic and metals used in our trade to contribute to putting less waste in landfills. Similarly, our chemicals are under constant research and development of new chemical formulations that are greener and better for our environment.

AutoBrite car wash fluids are still tough on dirt and are comparable to top leading brands, with a budget-friendly price. Our car wash chemicals are designed to promote longevity in your car wash system, while providing complete lubrication, protection and effectiveness.

AutoBrite chemicals are:

  • Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Quickly Shipped
  • Formulated for All Professional Car Washes
  • Non-Corrosive and Non-Abrasive
  • Backed by Our Service and Support

Tire Cleaners

Tire cleaners remove embedded dirt, dust and other debris that can cause damage to your tires. Proper tire cleaning helps prevent dry rot, as well.


Pre-Soaks are thought to be the key to a superior wash experience. A good pre-soak product helps loosen dirt and grime, as well as allowing for better soap contact during the wash.


Soap should be chosen carefully to make sure your wax and sealants will not be broken down and should work as a lubricant to capture dirt particles for easy rinsing.


Conditioner creates a protective barrier on your car’s surface, enabling water to slide off and prevent water spots. Conditioner also helps keep color bright and protects from damaging heat.

Foam Detergent

Foam detergents aid in removing dirt away from the surface, which prevents scratching.


Waxes not only add shine and contribute to overall gloss, they are essential for providing protection against UV shine, water spots and other detritus.

Sealants & Protectants

Sealants and protectants create a much stronger and longer-lasting durable coat against heat, UV rays, environmental debris and detergents. It creates a chemical bond with your car’s paint.

Fragrance Odor Killers

Odor killers can help keep your car smelling fresh and clean. It’s that last perfect detail of the car cleaning process.

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