Service, Repairs & Training

We Know You Can’t Make Money When Your Equipment Isn’t Working or Isn’t Being Operated to Its Highest Possible Use.

Because our main goal is to have a win/win situation for you and us, our professional and skilled staff is at your disposal – not only to help you speedily fix any problems you might encounter, but also to make sure as you embark or expand on your dream, that you do so with the valuable information you need to be successful.

As our clients, we want to make sure your clients and customers are thrilled with their experience at your car wash so you get the maximum ROI and realize your full potential. That’s why we offer our clients support in the form of service and training.

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Service & Repairs

As an AutoBrite partner, you won’t be left hanging when you need help. Our goal is to ensure your car wash system is providing you with a high return on your investment at all times. We are here for you.

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At AutoBrite, we invest time and resources in our partners to ensure success at the highest level. We believe in humans helping each other to prosper and we believe in creating win-win solutions for everybody.

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We are here for you – whether you have questions, challenges, suggestions and/or complaints. When our partners reach out, we take that seriously and promise they will receive highest priority.

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